Hill House Farm 1996  and 1991 Bolivian Import Llamas -
Reference Sires

The additional llama herd sires from the 1996 and 1991 Bolivian Importations producing crias at Hill House Farm.

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Bolivia's Jeffe Bolivia's Jeffe face

Bolivia's Jeffe
Imported by Tillman Llamas and Owned by Steve and Donna Clark
Selected by Tillman Llamas as Top 1996 Male Import from Hacienda Acero Marka


Santa Cruz' Picture Coming Soon
Picture Coming Soon

Bolivia's Santa Cruz
Imported by Tillman Llamas and Owned by The Reineckers
A 1996 Bolivian Import
from the Tillman -Hacienda Acero Marka Importation

Top selling male in the 1991 Bolivian Importation
Owned by Tillman Llamas


1991 Bolivian Import Bolivian Cochabamba (Sheared)
Owned by Kesling's Llamas
Cochabamba is also the father of the Tillman's Chavito.

Topaz.jpg - 2164 Bytes

1991 Bolivian Import Bolivian Topaz
Owned by Kesling's Llamas

Bolivian Hot Shot

1991 Bolivian Import Bolivian Hot Shot
Owned by Kesling's Llamas