**Bolivian Lucky 500's Crias

(Hill House Farm names their crias after the gods by the ancient Native South Americans - - -
the Andean Peaks of Bolivia)

Bolivia's Chacaltaya (M)
DOB 10/24/00

**Bolivian Lucky 500 X **Bolivia's Pecan


Bolivia's Patalani (F)
DOB 11/28/99


**Bolivian Lucky 500 x Black Diamonde de Bolivia
For sale at Hill House Farm


Bolivia's Curumaya (F)
DOB 10/29/99

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x *Leela Bolivia
Owned by Hill House Farm

Bolivia's Ashley Maria (F)
Male: DOB 7/18/95 Call Name: Ashley.

Ashfsm.jpg - 7395 BytesAshhsm.jpg - 4778 Bytes
at 4 years

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Brownie
Tall. Large Boned. Gorgeous head and ears. Super Flashy!
Owned by Hill House Farm
Dam of La Paz' cria and 1st place halter winner La Bella and also Arturo,  2000 Ohio State Fair
Reserve Grand Champion Male 
and 5th at the 2001 Grand Nationals.

Bolivian Phantom 500 (M)
DOB 5/15/97 Call Name: Phantom

phantomsm1.jpg (16165 bytes)
at 1 year

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Brownie

Brown, with beige and white highlights. Very tall. Another gorgeous boy!
Owned by Far West Bolivian Llamas

Bolivian Scarlet O'Hara (F)
DOB 8/6/96

Picture Coming Soon

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Scarlet
Owned by the Abreau's and at home with
Lion of Bolivia at Spring Creek Ranch

Nilla (F)
DOB 9/7/96

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivia's Miss Bliss
Owned by the Dale Schultz and Nancy Larson of
North Umpqua Farms

LW Silverberry (M)
DOB 10/3/97


**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Silver Button
Retained by Pam Clarke and Iris Christ as a Bolivian Herdsire in the Llama Wood "keeper" herd at
Black Dog Ranch

Bolivian Sylver Bullet (M)
DOB 9/7/96

Picture Coming Soon

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Silver Button
Herdsire Owned by the Larry Hough at
Silver Mill Farm

LW Sullivan (M)
DOB 4/18/97



**Bolivian Lucky 500 x LW Sophia Loren
Owned by Shifflett's at
Castlerock Farm and Exotics.
Co-owned by Graceful Legend Llamas

Bolivian Glamor Girl (F)
DOB 1/12/97

Ggsm.jpg (14499 bytes)
Gorgeous Gigi has frostbitten ears.

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivia's Glitz
Owned by Fred and Laura Keller at
Yellow Wood Llamas

Fire and Ice (F)
DOB 6/13/99

**Bolivian Lucky 500 x **Bolivian Paprika
Owned by Dorothy and Dwight Finkle at
Tejas Northwest Bolivian Llamas

Bolivian Checota (F)
DOB 10/2000

**Bolivian Lucky 500 X Yana Ukuku
Owned (with her mother)
by Nona Alyea
and family