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Bolivia's La Paz - A 1996 Bolivian Import
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Bolivia's La Paz is one of 4 beautiful 1996 Bolivian Import Herd Sires owned by Hill House Farm Llamas.

He is one of just 18 males and 40 females included in the 1996 Bolivian importation, a group hand-selected by the Tillman's from the award-winning herd of Bolivia's Hacienda Acero Marka. The 1996 imports are only the third group of Bolivians ever imported into the US, and they greatly augment the genetic pool of fine Bolivians in North America and in the Midwest.

La Paz is shown on the left soaked on a rainy day in Bolivia in 1995 at age 2 and on the right in the fall of 1996 at the Tillman's farm. As he has matured, his fine 21.8 micron curls have acquired a beautiful tight suri-lock, which he passes on to his crias.

He consistently places in the top four adult males in halter classes at major ALSA shows and he has a Grand Championship fleece. La Paz' First Crias arrived in the spring and summer of 1998 and his first cria recently won 1st place heavy wool female yearling in halter in her first ALSA show .

He is offered as a service stud to no more than 10 outside approved females a year. To reserve a place on his breeding calendar call (765-436-7970) or email us at llamas@llamasfrombolivia.com. Stud fee: $1500 with live birth and healthy cria and stud quality male cria guarantees. Substantial discounts are offered to high placing females in ALSA Halter Classes.

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