Llamas: Bovlivia's La Paz' Crias

(Hill House Farm names their crias after the gods by the ancient Native South Americans - - -
the Andean Peaks of Bolivia)

Bolivia's Chachacomani (M)
Male: DOB 5/3/98 Call Name: Cha Cha.

CHACHAS99SM.jpg - 8271 Bytes
at 1 year

**Bolivia's La Paz x *Leela Bolivia

Tall. Large Boned. Suri-type, very soft, long silky fleece. Gorgeous head and ears. Super Flashy!

Bolivia's Illampu (M)
DOB 4/5/99 Call Name: Llamipu.

at 12 mo old

**Bolivia's La Paz x *Bolivian Flying Colors
1st(Gold) and 4th(Silver) 2000 Buckeye Extravaganza

Three colors of brown, with beige and white highlights. Very tall. Suri-type fleece. Another gorgeous boy!
For sale at Hill House Farm

La Bella (F)
DOB 3/18/98

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**Bolivia's La Paz x **Bolivia's Ashley Marie
1st and 3rd Place Halter Winner

Her face and name say it all - La Bella! First Place Yearling Female at the Happy Daze ALSA Show in
Deer Park, Washington
owned by Steve and Donna Clark at
Hard Rock Ranch

Bolivia's Illimani (M)
DOB 10/24/99 Call Name: Mani.

**Bolivia's La Paz x **Bolivian Natara
Grand Champion in Halter at 7 months

With his signature La Paz markings, he looks a lot like his half sister La Bella and half brother Incachaca.  His Dam's last cria, LW Nabisco, is a Reserve Grand Champion as a Juvenile. 
For sale at Hill House Farm

Bolivia's Incachaca (M)
DOB 3/23/00 Call Name: Charlie.
incachaca9.jpg (11381 bytes)

**Bolivia's La Paz x **Bolivian Tangerine Dream
Not yet old enough to show.

Again with signature La Paz markings, this boy is a suri fleeced star! 
For sale at Hill House Farm

Coming in October 2000

La Paz X Bolivian Natara

La Paz X Bolivia's Llilli Yok