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Two-thirds (or 2.5 million) of the world's llamas live and work in Bolivia, so one might say that indeed, "The llama comes from Bolivia." Bolivia has more than twice as many llamas as any other national herd.

At the same time, fewer than 850 Bolivian llamas have ever been imported into the U.S. and Canada, and they comprise less than 1% of the North American herd. Because Bolivia's national herd is the world's largest llama gene pool, the pure Bolivians and Bolivian outcrosses will always be a valued genetic resource in the US herd.

Bolivia's llamas embody the tradition of the working llamas in South America. Centuries of selective breeding of llamas as important partners in the daily lives of the Bolivian people, has produced llamas renown for their elegance, style, manageable size, fine fleece, and wonderful temperaments. 

But, of all of the outstanding characteristics of Bolivians, the greatest is their gentleness and charm. They are frequently "the sweetest llama" or the owners' favorite in a herd.

Whether it's the llama "auntie" gently playing "bite my legs" with a lone cria or the "what about me" look we get when we rush through chores and don't pet them enough, Bolivian's are consistently engaging and sweet-tempered llamas.