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About Us

Jan does cancer-care research and teaches research methods and statistics to graduate students at Indiana University. Bob is a veterinarian and microbiologist. He was a practicing vet for several years in a "fire-engine" mixed-practice (mostly diary cows) in Minnesota, but his true love is veterinary public health. He now uses his veterinary knowledge mainly in human health-related applications - to prevent and control outbreaks of various diseases (like rabies) that are transmissible from animals to humans. His "hands-on" veterinary practice is limited to making sure our farm animals and other animals are well-cared for and happy as pets. Jan works at training all the animals to cart and pack.  

About Our Farm

We call our farm "Hill House Farm " as a way of honoring the families who have built and maintained our old red-brick, Greek Revival farm house and farmstead. It was built originally by the William Williamson family in 1857. The house, as it appeared at the turn of the century (1900), is pictured in several local museums and libraries. One of the farm's pastures has an artesian well and was used as a campsite by the local Indians prior to the Civil War and as a muster site for Union recruits during the war. We also have been told that the pasture was used as a campsite by the Union Calvery from Fort Benjamin and for a traveling Fair around the turn-of-the-century. We use it now for the llamas who enjoy it immensely..